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Isle of Man
Favourite cartoon character: Ekusukariba
Personal Quote: My legend began in the 12th century.


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HolySword-Excalibur Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
my legend began in the 12th century. I believe it all began on an intensely hot mid-summer day? Wait... It was a chilly autumn day... In those days I was *bad* and so... Thinking about it, I believe it began Winter. My hometown was really *bad* , was even famous for it. I hung out with the wrong crowd. Beautiful women would all fight over me. Yeah, it was a summer day. A really hot mid-summer's day. That's how I remember it. Unlike now, I was a man like a finely honed knife. However for some reason, I gave off a noble impression. Everyone said so, and still do. Although at that time, I'm not sure everyone said it as much. Everyone started to say it, that I was extremely kind. Now that I think of it I was probablt giving off a noble impression. I was often told I was great, but I was *bad*. All in all it was winter day full of noble... My legend dates back to the 12th century
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